Quality Products Manufactured for your industry

Absocold has been an industry leader in providing quality products for the Hospitality Industry, Government Services, Student Housing and Assisted Living Facilities since 1969. Our group of dedicated, experienced Sales Representatives will guide you through the process of selecting the most appropriate appliance for your needs – whatever the size or requirements may be for your project.


Since its early days as a private label manufacturer for Sears, Absocold has produced innovative products that are engineered and manufactured to be long-lasting. At our North America plant, we combine functionality with a smart, stylish look that is pleasing to the eye and makes a great addition to any hotel, dorm or apartment. Best of all, your Absocold unit will last a long, long time.


The Absocold brand was acquired by Indoff, Incorporated in April 2017. While continuing with the innovation, quality, and reliability of the Absocold product line, Indoff brings the financial resources of a nationwide distributor to support the continued growth and advancement of the Absocold brand.