Cook ‘N Cool® Refrigerator/Freezer with Microwave Combinations

The Cook ‘N Cool® units by Absocold deliver the ultimate in space-saving convenience. This line feature unique, environmentally-safe, frost-free and automatic defrost refrigerators and freezers combined with a powerful compact electronic touch-pad control microwave oven. Built to be durable and quiet, these units are great for dormitories,  student housing apartments, military barracks, and on-base housing.


Absocold offers two sizes and types of Cook ‘N Cool® combinations models, each featuring ENERGY STAR® qualified refrigerators and a powerful compact microwave oven with Internal Power Allocator (IPA). Absocold is one of only two manufacturers that carry a combination unit like this on Government’s GSA Purchasing Portal. The Absocold brand can be found on many military bases both here in the United States and around the world. 

You can order any of these models as factory-assembled or in the  knockdown version that will require assembly of the microwave onto the refrigerator. All models are UL® Listed as individual appliances.


10.0 cu.ft. CC1031F 

with ENERGY STAR® Qualified refrigerator/freezer
(ARD1033F*21R/L, * W-white, B-black)

What does an Energy Star certificate indicate? It is are awarded to appliances that achieve a level of energy efficiency — a set percentage above the current industry standard — and also meet requirements for usability and convenience. Each appliance class has a set of requirements that are reviewed and updated regularly.

Our Absocold 10.0 cu. ft. Refrigerator has been awarded the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient Mark in 2023


4.8 cu.ft. CC482F

with ENERGY STAR® Qualified refrigerator/freezer
(ARD484F*10R/L, * W-white, B-black)
*Products are subject to change without notice.

Abscocold has discontinued the following Cook ‘N Cool Models: CC298CB14L/R, CC298CW14L/R, CC369AB14L/R, CC369AW14L/R