Defrost Systems

All refrigerators require defrosting. Once ice builds up in the cooling system, the cooling effect diminishes and reduces the storage space in your refrigerator and freezer. There are several types of defrosting your refrigerator:

    • Manual Defrost – requires the user to turn the refrigerator off and to remove the ice buildup and resulting water by hand. The defrosting process needs to be done every time the ice build up in the ice compartment is about ¼” thick for maintain optimal performance. Note: NEVER use any sharp object to facilitate manual defrosting which could result in damaging the refrigerator sealed system.
    • Partial Automatic Defrost system (also called Cycle Defrost) defrosts the refrigerator compartment automatically, but the freezer compartment requires manual defrosting.
    • Automatic-Timer defrosts the refrigerator automatically every 24 hours.
    • Automatic Push Button Defrost – Once activated by depressing the defrost push button, the refrigerator automatically shuts down for defrosting and then automatically turns the system back on when completed.
    • Frost-Free Automatic Defrosting keeps the refrigerator and the freezer frost-free automatically and does not require any routine maintenance.

Freezer vs. Ice Storage Compartment

Single-door refrigerators are usually designed with an internal ice storage compartment.
The ice compartment is small and not meant for long-term storage of frozen foods. The evaporator coils, which produce the cold temperatures, are formed to create the walls and floor of the ice compartment. Since air can circulate freely between the refrigerator and ice compartment, the ice compartment temperature will not usually go below 15º F. Zero degree F is required for long term storage of frozen foods. If the refrigerator temperature control is turned too low, some foods in the refrigerator compartment will freeze.


Two-door refrigerators offer a separate freezer compartment.
The freezer compartment can reach zero degrees F required for long term storage for items such as ice cream and frozen dinners. The separate refrigerator and freezer compartments aid in maintaining proper fresh food and frozen food operating and preservation temperatures.

Temperature Control Settings

The new digital controls for Absocold Refrigerators

Normal Setting – Temperature control setting at the midpoint or the “Colder” position.

A Colder temperature can be achieved by pressing the button until the temperature light is lit on the “Coldest” setting.

To turn down the temperature, press the button until is cycles to the “Cold” position. 

To turn off, press and hold the Cool Power button for 3 seconds.

Installation Requirements

Remove all packing material and tape. Install on a level floor or well-supported counter. Avoid any direct sunlight, heat source, or moisture. This product is designed to be freestanding and must be installed at least 2” from the wall, and the cabinet bottom is at least 3/4” to 1“ above the floor or carpet, in order to let the air circulate freely around the unit. Also allow 2″ of space on the sides and 4″ on the top surface as well for the best performance. If other appliance such as a microwave is placed on top, allow 4″ of space above it.

If this appliance is “RECESSED”, “BUILT-IN”, or otherwise enclosed to restrict air flow, then all subject warranties are null and void.

Leveling Legs

Your refrigerator has two adjustable height leveling legs in the front. Adjust the legs to accommodate for any unevenness in the floor. Raising the refrigerator front slightly higher than the back will aid in the door closing completely when being shut.

Electrical Requirements

Our refrigerators are designed to operate on 120Volts, 60 HZ.

A 15 amp or 20 amp, 115V, 60HZ, grounded and fused electrical supply is required. A time-delay fuse or circuit breaker and separate circuit are recommended.


Do not use extension cord or power strips. Only use three-pronged plug with three-pronged grounded wall outlet.

Unless the above grounding method is followed, you are not protected against severe or lethal shock, in the event a short circuit of an electrical component or wiring of refrigerator.

Should you unplug the refrigerator, allow at least three minutes before restarting in order to allow the start relay to function properly.

Reversible Door Swing

Standard factory assembled door swing is right-hand hinged. For some installations, a left-hand hinge may be needed or more desirable.

Reversing the door swing instructions are provided with the product. No additional kits are needed. Basic household hand tools are required.

If you lay the refrigerator on its back to reverse the door(s), do not operate the appliance for several hours in order for the compressor oil to properly flow back into the compressor. If you operate the appliance prematurely, compressor damage or failure can occur.

Energy Saving Tips

The following are ways to save power, save money and still enjoy your refrigerator:


    • Reduce door openings.
    • Close the door as soon as you can after use.
    • Keep coils on back of refrigerator clean.
    • Adjust temperature control to a warmer setting when practical.
    • Don’t put hot foods in the refrigerator.
    • Don’t allow more than ¼” of frost to build up in freezing compartment.
    • Keep your refrigerator away from sunlight, stove or other heat sources.

EnergyGuide Label

Since 1987, all household refrigerators are required by the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA) to meet minimum standards for energy consumption. The minimum standards vary depending on the size and configuration of the refrigerator or freezer. The EnergyGuide Label affixed to the product lists the annual energy consumption for that specific model.

ENERGY STAR® Qualified

In 1993, in order to promote the increased sales of more energy efficient appliances, the Federal government created the ENERGY STAR® program.  Those refrigerator models which exceed the NAECA energy consumption standards by established percentage goals are considered ENERGY STAR® Qualified and can display the ENERGY STAR® logo. All ENERGY STAR® Qualified Absocold refrigerators are at least 10% more energy efficient than the minimum Federal standards.

Go to for more details.

ENERGY STAR Most Efficient Mark

The Absocold ARD1033 Refrigerator has been awarded by ENERGY STAR a 2023 Most Efficient Mark.

Each year, EPA will establish criteria for specific product categories to earn ENERGY STAR 

recognized as ENERGY STAR Most Efficient must already qualify for the ENERGY STAR label.

Suite Fridge® Hospitality Refrigerators

Suite Fridge® Refrigerators feature new technology especially designed for the hospitality industry. They fit most existing absorption-type unit cabinetry, are more energy efficient and have greater cooling efficiency than their absorption refrigerator counterparts. These hospitality refrigerators also carry a Commercial UL listing.


Quick Chill Function With the QUICK CHILL function, the guests can quickly cool their favorite beverage.


When a guest wants to cool down beverages or other items quickly, they press the “QUICK CHILL” button on the keypad. This ensures continuous super cooling operation for two hours, and then automatically returns the unit back to normal operation.


Snooze Function These hospitality refrigerators are naturally quiet by design, utilizing the latest sound-reduction technology. And for the most demanding guests, the SNOOZE function allows guests to turn off the unit while sleeping for an even quieter room.


When a guest wants an even quieter room, they press the “SNOOZE” button on the keypad. This prevents the unit from running for eight hours, and then automatically returns the unit back to normal operation.


To reverse the Quick Chill or Snooze functions, the guest only needs to press the appropriate button again.


The Suite Fridge® Hospitality refrigerators are available in either 2.0 cu.ft. or 1.1 cu.ft. capacity.

The Suite Fridge Hospitality Refrigerators come with an industry leading full two-year warranty. For more information please click here.


Refrigerator Condensers

In elementary terms, a refrigerator system cools the interior controlling and removing the interior heat. The refrigerator condenser is the part of the system that disperses this heat into the room. For the most efficient operation, the condenser must be keep clean and have sufficient space to allow for air flow to cool it down.

The refrigerator condenser is located a) on the back of the refrigerator (coils), b) embedded inside the walls of the cabinet or c) fan-cooled condenser under the refrigerator (usually in larger household refrigerator models).

Since the condenser is part of the sealed refrigerator system. Damage to the condenser can cause the loss of refrigerant, resulting refrigerator system failure.

Cook ‘N Cool® Microwave/Refrigerator

The Absocold Cook ‘N Cool® Microwave/Refrigerator combines the quick & convenient cooking benefits of a microwave oven with cold storage requirements in a single space-saving appliance. All Cook ‘N Cool® models offer a fully featured touchpad control microwave oven with turntable for even cooking. The microwave oven is secured to various refrigerator options with a heavy duty steel bracket providing strength and longevity. 

Our Cook ‘N Cool® combination appliances offer freezer refrigerators come in a 4.8 cu.ft. two-door auto defrost freezer refrigerator and a 10.0 cu.ft. two-door frost-free top freezer refrigerator. 

In addition, Absocold offers these units as a fully factory-assembled or in ready-to-assemble knockdown form.


Absocold Corporation guarantees to the original purchaser that this appliance will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase, when this refrigerator is operated and maintained according to instructions attached to or furnished with this product.

Absocold Corporation additionally guarantees, to the original purchaser only, the hermetic motor (compressor) furnished as a part of this refrigerator for a period of five (5) years from date of purchase, when this refrigerator is operated and maintained according to instructions attached to or furnished with this product.

See Owner’s Instructions warranty statement for complete warranty details.

Warranty Service & Replacement Parts

Warranty service information and service replacement parts are available by contacting Absocold Corporation toll-free at (800) 843-3714, M-F, 8am to 5pm ET.