Two-Door Refrigerator-Freezers

Absocold two-door refrigerator-freezers are designed to fit into narrow spaces yet deliver ample refrigeration & freezer capacity and features. Our two-door models are designed with separate compartments for fresh food storage and long-term zero degree freezer storage all within a single compact space-saving refrigerator-freezer appliance. We offer models large-enough for apartment use or small enough for residence halls, offices or hotels.

What does an Energy Star certificate indicate? It is are awarded to appliances that achieve a level of energy efficiency — a set percentage above the current industry standard — and also meet requirements for usability and convenience. Each appliance class has a set of requirements that are reviewed and updated regularly.

*Products are subject to change without notice.

Absocold has discontinued the following refrigerator with freezer models:, ARD298CW14R/L / ARD298CB14R/L 

Absocold has discontinued the following single door all refrigerator models: ARD369AW14R/L / ARD369AB14R/L