Dear ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient Partner:

Congratulations! The U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will recognize some of your models as ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2021. All recognized models will be highlighted on the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient web page beginning January 5, 2021.

For all other product categories, EPA will use certification data to recognize products and will contact partners as new models that meet the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient criteria are certified. Since the recognition criteria have not changed for ceiling and ventilating fans, computer monitors, dehumidifiers, clothes dryers, refrigerator- freezers, and room air conditioners, models recognized in 2020 will be automatically recognized in 2021.

The ENERGY STAR program will communicate proposed Most Efficient 2021 treatment for dishwashers and televisions in the coming weeks. 

Please visit the ENERGY STAR website for more information on obtaining ENERGY STAR Most Efficient recognition.  The ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2021 designation and usage guidelines can be found here. The ENERGY STAR Most Efficient designation is intended to be used on point of purchase material, product literature, and websites only. This designation may not be applied to products or product packaging. Failure to abide by these guidelines may result in loss of recognition.

Come January 5, 2021, if your models meet the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2021 key product criteria for product categories that do not require application but are not yet featured on the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient product pages or if you have any other questions, please contact

We look forward to working with you in 2021 to promote your ENERGY STAR Most Efficient models.


Indoff Inc., a North American distributor of products for the Commercial Office Interiors, Material Handling, Business Office Products, Commercial Appliances, Promotional Products, and Energy Solutions industries, kicks off its 50th year in business in April 2020. Indoff has grown into a $175 million distributor with over 400 Sales Partners in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.


Indoff is based on the belief that it is the sales professionals who bring the value to the transaction. Indoff Sales Partners focus on satisfying their customers’ needs with the right products and services to help make those customers more successful. Indoff Partners choose the best vendor and best solution – not a cookie cutter one that Indoff happens to stock. From a foundation in the Material Handling industry, Indoff applied their business model to Commercial Interiors, Office Supplies, Promotional Products, Energy Solutions and Commercial Appliances Today Indoff serves just about every type of business in North America, including government, healthcare, legal, construction, education, hospitality, senior living, multi-family and so many more.


“Indoff’s longevity and stability in business are not only important to our Sales Partners, but also to all of the vendors we work with and the customers that we serve,” said Jim Malkus, President and CEO. “Customers are comfortable working with Indoff because they know that they will get the product they ordered, and if there is an issue, Indoff will make it right. Vendors know that they will be treated fairly and that they will be paid for their goods on time.”


“Where Solutions Take Shape” is more than a tagline at Indoff. It describes the ability to combine an experienced group of Sales Partners, who bring years of expertise in their fields, with the ability to source and purchase from 1,000’s of different manufacturers. It ensures that clients get the products and services that work best to solve their needs. “Our 50 years in business is testament to the passion and dedication of our Partner group as well as the Corporate staff in St. Louis,” added Jeff Ross, EVP, Sales and Marketing. “Over 100 of our Partners have been with Indoff for 20 or more years, and 200 have been with us for over five years. We are excited to see what happens in our next 50 years.”


October 7, 2019 – Absocold, a manufacturer of a premium line of refrigerators for the hospitality industry, government, student housing and assisted housing facilities, will be exhibiting at the GLACUHO Conference on October 20-22 at the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center in East Lansing, MI at Michigan State University. Join us at Booth #8 to speak with one of our Student Housing Sales Representatives on how best to outfit your dorms or student apartments with the quality long-lasting and safe appliances.

The conference will take a look at the dynamic profession of Housing and Residence life on college campuses. As the decade comes to a close, professionals in the field will look to present innovative ways to serve student populations in the years ahead.

To sign up, please visit their website here


January 2, 2019 – Absocold, a manufacturer of a premium line of refrigerators for the hospitality industry, government, student housing and assisted housing facilities, has announced they have extended their warranty to a full two-years for the Suite Fridge® Hospitality Line. This warranty guarantees the original purchaser that the model will be free from defects in material and workmanship for 2-years from the date of purchase when used and maintained according to instructions provided with the units.


Absocold additionally guarantees, to the original purchaser, the hermetic motor (compressor) furnished as part of the Suite Fridge refrigerator for a period of five years from date of purchase when operated and maintained according to instructions supplied with the units.


The 1.1 cu. ft. ARD104 and the 2.0 cu. ft. ARD204 are commercially rated, Energy Star® Qualified refrigerators that also feature the proprietary Quick Chill ‘n Snooze® feature. Guests can use the two- hour chill feature to quickly cool beverages and food products. The Snooze feature allows guests who are light sleepers to turn the refrigerator off for 8 hours with an auto restart feature to return it to normal operation after that period of time.


“We manufacture a very reliable refrigerator with innovative features for the hospitality industry,” said Josh Long, General Manager, Absocold brand. “Over the years we have seen very few replacement units being sent out which gives us the confidence to offer our customers the added protection of an additional year on our Suite Fridge product. The longevity of this unit is extremely important to our customers when purchasing for their hotels and motels. Knowing that they are getting an exceptional product, fully backed with an industry leading warranty, enables them to worry about more important things, like making sure their guests are completely satisfied with their stay.”


September 6, 2018 – Abscocold, a manufacturer of a premium line of refrigerators and microwaves for the hospitality industry, government services, student housing, and assisted living facilities, announced today that Jim Karczewski has joined the organization as Director, Hospitality Sales. Mr. Karczewski began his career as a Purchasing Director for Mill Distributors before moving to the hospitality industry in sales with Serta International Bedding. In 2012, Jim joined Hospitality Furnishings and Design as the Purchasing Director where he helped grow the company’s revenue to over $100 million. “Jim brings a unique insight to this role as he has served in both a purchasing and sales capacity,” said Jeff Ross, President of Indoff Appliance Group, the parent company for the Absocold brand. “His vast industry knowledge will allow Absocold to better anticipate our customers’ upcoming needs and how we approach growing our share of the FF&E (Fixtures Furniture and Equipment) market.” Mr. Karczewski, a native of Wisconsin, will be based out of Cleveland, Ohio.

Additionally, Absocold announced it has relocated its offices and client showroom to 425 Commerce Road in Richmond, IN. Incorporated in 1969, Richmond has been the home for Absocold since 1978 when it moved to the area from Iona, Michigan. “We have a long and proud history in this part of Indiana,” said Jim Malkus, CEO and President of Indoff. “We are fortunate to have a group of outstanding employees from the region who are invested in this community and to growing our company by providing quality products and great customer service. We look forward to remaining a part of the local business scene for many years to come.”

Join the Absocold Team at the ACUHO-I Housing Facilities Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this October 29 through November 1. Discover how our line of quality refrigerators, microwaves, and Cook ‘N Cool Combination models can improve your campus housing facilities. For more information or to register please go to event page.