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The Absocold badge on our refrigerators is a promise of quality, performance, and value.

There are many options for refrigerators on the market today that are simply manufactured to be disposable. They lack the quality, performance, and longevity that Absocold considers to be integral to our products. It is essential to us that you have the confidence that when you purchase an Absocold refrigerator you know that your investment will be returned to you in multiples over the product’s lifetime.

Our Absocold refrigerator and freezer lines are manufactured in North America and we enforce strict quality controls to make sure our customers and your guests are getting the best refrigerator on the market today. 

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North American-Made
Quality Assurance Program
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41 Years in Service
Quiet Operations
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ROI Over Lifetime
2 Year Full Warranty on Suite Fridge models

Hospitality Refrigerators

Hotel room amenities are only as valuable as the benefit they can deliver to your guests. The Absocold Suite Fridge® hospitality refrigerators deliver time and again. Your guests will enjoy the quiet, dependable performance while you get the benefits of a refrigerator built to last.