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Absocold’s premium line of refrigerators and microwaves have been the favorites of the hospitality industry for 55 years. Based in Richmond, Indiana, the Absocold brand has grown to include Cook ‘N Cool® microwave/refrigerator combinations, Suite Fridge® refrigerators, two-door refrigerator-freezers, hospitality refrigerators and compact microwave ovens and upright freezers.


We are a premier brand known for our quality, performance and value. We pride ourselves on building durable appliances that are meant to last. All Absocold refrigerator products are manufactured to the highest standards and are UL listed. Our volume ratings and shelf area are certified to ANSI/AHAM specifications. All Absocold refrigerators are compliant with federal energy consumption requirements and are ENERGY STAR® qualified for energy efficiency.


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    Apartment-Sized Refrigerator

    Model #: ARD1033F*21R/L

    Available in Black, Stainless, White

    10.0 Cu. Ft. Total Capacity

    Microwave oven

    Model #: AM090HB

    0.9 Cu. Ft. | 900 Watts

    compact fridge

    Model #: ARD101AB21R

    1.0 Cu. Ft. Total Capacity

    Model #: ARD161A*21R/L

    Available in Black and Stainless

    1.6 Cu. Ft. Total Capacity

    Model #: ARD244A*21R/L

    Available in Black and White

    2.3 Cu. Ft. Total Capacity

    Energy Star

    PREMIUM SUITE FRIDGE® with Industry-Leading 5-Year Warranty 

    Model #: ARD104AB21R/L

    1.1 Cu. Ft. Total Capacity

    Model #: ARD204A*21R/L

    Available in Black and Stainless

    2.0 Cu. Ft. Total Capacity